trenching and civil worksFor trenching and civil works Brisbane Electrical have trenchers that can excavate open trenches from 150mm to 600mm in width to depths of 2 metres in all soil and rock conditions.  We have experienced operators that understand the care required not to damage existing services or the environment.

Various chains can be used to cut shale, soft or hard rock for pipe installation.

We can carry out the following range of works

  • Installation of conduits;
    • Communications
    • Electrical
  • Plastic and concrete pits installation
  • Padmount and Culvert installation for Transformer
  • Cable hauling
  • Core boring & Core Holing

With the help of our excellent trenching machines we are able to build more cost effective network infrastructures, quickly and with a focus on safety. Our mechanised laying solutions provide calibrated trenching, consistent depth and width measurements, high installation speeds and a drastic reduction in disturbance at your worksite – and with no people working in the trenches – your guys (and ours) are safer than ever.